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SECTION 10000-10016

10000. This division may be cited as the Municipal Improvement Act of 1913.

10001. Unless the context otherwise requires, the definitions contained in this part shall govern the construction of this division.

10002. "Improvement" includes all work and improvements authorized to be done under this division which are for a public purpose or which are necessary or incidental to a public purpose.

10003. "Municipality" and "city" include every city, city and county, or county, or other entity, public corporation, or agency authorized to operate under this division, including any joint powers entity created pursuant to Chapter 5 (commencing with Section 6500) of Division 7 of Title 1 of the Government Code and any special district organized for the purpose of aiding in the development or improvement of navigation or commerce to, or within, the district.

10004. "Legislative body" includes any body which by law is the legislative department of government of the city, or municipality.

10005. "City treasurer" includes any person or officer who has charge and makes payments of the city or municipal funds.

10006. "Install" includes construct, reconstruct, extend, repair, and maintain.

10006.5. Subject to the limitation of Section 10204.1, "incidental expense" has the same meaning as specified in Section 5024.

10007. "Street" includes the whole or any part of one or more public streets, alleys, or other places in any municipality, and rights of way owned or held by any municipality for the purposes of this division.

10008. "Assessment district" means the district of land to be benefited by the improvement and to be specially assessed to pay the costs and expenses of the improvement and the damages caused by the improvement.

10009. The provisions of this division apply to all counties and districts, or other public corporations insofar as such corporations have the power applicable to them to make any of the improvements authorized under this division. The officers of such counties, districts, or other public corporations who have similar powers and duties as the municipal officers referred to in this division have the powers and duties given by this division to such municipal officials. Where no similar officer exists, the legislative body of the county, district, or public corporation shall by resolution appoint a person or designate an officer to perform the duties under this division.

10010. "Acquisition", or any of its variants, means and includes one or more of the following:

(a) Any works, improvements, appliances, or facilities authorized to be made, constructed, or acquired under this division and which are in existence and installed in place on or before the date of adoption of the resolution of intention for the acquisition thereof; any use or capacity rights in any of the foregoing; and any works, improvements, appliances, or facilities acquired or installed pursuant to Sections 10109 to 10111, inclusive. Any work, improvement, appliance, or facility which was not in existence and installed in place on or before that date may be acquired if it was constructed as if it had been constructed under the direction and supervision or under the authority of the municipality.

(b) Electric current, gas, or other illuminating agent for power or lighting service.

(c) Any real property, rights-of-way, easements, or interests in real property, acquired or to be acquired by gift, purchase, or eminent domain, and which are necessary or convenient in connection with the construction or operation of any work or improvement authorized to be acquired or to be made or constructed under this division, except real property, rights-of-way, easements, or interests in real property shown upon a final map filed with or submitted to the legislative body for acceptance and approval pursuant to the Subdivision Map Act (Division 2 (commencing with Section 66410) of Title 7 of the Government Code) and offered for dedication to public use by that map or by any separate offer of dedication.

(d) The payment in full of all amounts necessary to eliminate any fixed special assessment liens previously imposed upon any assessment parcel included in the new assessment district. The amount of the payment shall be included in the new assessment on the parcel. This subdivision is applicable only where the acquisition is incidental to other acquisitions or improvements.

10011. "Owner" means the person owning the fee, or the person in whose name the legal title to the property appears, by deed duly recorded in the county recorder's office of the county in which the property is situated, or the person in possession of the property or buildings under claim of, or exercising acts of ownership over the same for himself, or as the executor, administrator, guardian, or conservator of the owner. If the property is leased, the possession of the tenant or lessee holding and occupying such property shall be deemed to be the possession of the owner.

10012. This division shall be liberally construed in order to effectuate its purposes. No error, irregularity, informality, and no neglect or omission of any officer, in any procedure taken under this division, which does not directly affect the jurisdiction of the legislative body to order the work or improvement, shall avoid or invalidate such proceeding or any assessment for the cost of work done thereunder. The exclusive remedy of any person affected or aggrieved thereby shall be by appeal to the legislative body in accordance with the provisions of this division.

10013. Whenever any notice, resolution, order, or other matter is required to be published or posted, and the duty of posting or publishing, or procuring the same, is not specifically enjoined upon any officer or person, the clerk shall post or procure the publication or posting thereof, as the case may be.

No step in any proceeding shall be invalidated or affected by any error or mistake or departure from the provisions of this section as to the officer or person posting or publishing, or procuring the publication or posting, of any notice, resolution, order, or other matter when the same is actually published or posted for the time required.

10014. The failure of the clerk to mail any notice or the failure of any person to receive the same shall not affect in any way whatsoever the validity of any proceedings taken under this division, nor prevent the legislative body from proceeding with any hearing so noticed.

10015. No notice, nor any publication of any notice, order, resolution, or other matter, other than that expressly provided in this part or elsewhere in this division, shall be necessary to give validity to any of the proceedings provided in this division.

10016. Any resolution, notice, report, diagram, or assessment which is required to contain a description of the improvements, the boundaries of the assessment district or any zones therein, or the lines and dimensions of any parcel of land, may, for a full and detailed description thereof, refer to any plan or map which is on file with the clerk, the county auditor, or the county assessor and which is open to public inspection. The plan or map so referred to shall govern for all details of the description.