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Search Tips
To find a property, first make certain that you've selected the correct county. If your county is not listed, it means that we do not currently have tax data for the report you selected, in that county.
  Parcel Search
  Next select the radio button next to the type of information you have to search by: the Assessor's Parcel Number, the property owner's name (the name registered with the county assessor), or the address of the parcel. If you have an accurate Parcel Number, this is the best search method. Full, correct parcel numbers should give only once search result: the parcel you are looking for. Remember to leave out all dashes and spaces when you enter a parcel number.
  Address Search
  Searches by address generally give good search results, but since counties use different formats for storing addresses in their property tax roll, it can be challenging to find the proper format to search by. For instance, it is best to avoid street types (i.e. Road, Street, Avenue, Parkway, Lane, Court, Drive, etc). Simply entering the address's number and the name of the street should be sufficient to give you good search results.
  If your search comes up with no results at all, you should use less information in your search. For instance, if you were searching for a property owned by Bill F. Mendelson, it might be advisable to enter only the last name, since you may not be certain how the name is spelled on the county's tax roll.
  Be careful not to enter a search value that is too general, however. Entering just "Smith" as a name is far too broad (because of the huge number of Smiths in the database) and will likely result in a "Server Timed Out" error.
Most difficulties with finding a property stem from formatting variations that occur when the property tax roll is generated. At some time the data was entered by a human, so errors do occur. If you have only a street name, try different spellings of the street, and remember not to add abbreviations like RD, ST, LN, etc. Owner names can also be a problem, particularly when a property has multiple or joint owners. If all else fails, the Assessor's Parcel Number is almost guaranteed to work, and it can be acquired from your county's assessor's office.