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Report Management
Once you have purchased a report, it is a good idea to save it to a disk and print it out. That way you don't have to navigate our reporting system to find your report again.
  Saving Reports

For the California Tax Disclosure Report, wait until the PDF file has loaded. Then hit the save icon on the Adobe Acrobat control bar (it will look like a floppy disk). This will be the far left icon directly above the report itself. After you hit the save button, a save as dialog box will appear. Select a file folder on your computer and hit the save button.

For our other reports, you will reach a page that will have a "View Report" link. Click the link and a new window will appear containing the report your purchased. In this window, click the file menu, then select save. A save as dialog box will appear, allowing you to save the report to your computer.

  Printing a Report

For the California Tax Disclosure Report, wait until you've clicked the "view report" link and the report has appeared in PDF format. Then click the print icon, which is located directly above the body of the report. A Print dialog box will appear, allowing you to select the number and orientation of your print. Be sure to check the "fit page" or "expand page to fit" option in the dialog box. This will ensure your report prints correctly on your printer.

  For all other reports, click the "view reports" link to open a browser window with the HTML format report. Then click on the file menu and select print. You may also need to select the page setup option if the report prints outside of the marings set by your printer.